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Nevada Premier Properties
1817 N. Stewart St, Suite 15
Carson City, NV 89706
Phone: 775-883-2290
Fax: 775-883-2289

Email: CustomerCare@NevadaPremier.com  
or Rentals@NevadaPremier.com
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Happy Clients

March 3, 2014 To Whom It May Concern: Nevada Premier Properties ("NPP") has been managing the 54 unit Kelborune Apartment complex that I own in Carson City since October 2012. During that period, NPP have done a superior job in operating the apartment complex. Sharon Swanson, the owner of Nevada Premier Properties and her team have worked with me and my son-in-law, Kevin Hagerty, to develop a strategy to improve the appearance of the property. NPP also worked closely with us to significantly reduce tenant delinquent accounts due. NPP examined our operating costs and has found ways to both reduce costs and to become more efficient. NPP has implemented a new tenant screening process that has resulted in the selection of new tenants who are financially more stable. At the time, NPP started to manage the property,the apartment complex had ten vacancies. Since that time, the company has been able to reduce that number to five or less vacancies. NPP also helped to develop and implement a capital reserve plan in which a portion of each month's net income is set aside for future capital expenditures. Monthly financial reports with supporting documentation are prepared and provided to us each month in a timely manner. Once a month, Kevin holds a phone conference with NPP's accounting and operational staff to review financial performance, vacancies, marketing strategies, and to discuss other operational issues. One of the things that most impressed me is that Sharon Swanson makes time to participate in each of these meetings, and she is able to offer her advice and counsel. I have been most pleased with the job Nevada Premier Properties have done in managing the Kelbourne Apartments, and I would highly recommend them to other apartment complex owners. Should you need additional information about our experiences with Nevada Premier Properties' management of the Kelbourne Apartments, please contact my son-in-law, Kevin Hagerty, by phone at (415) 456-6551or by email at hagertykm@yahoo.com, and he will be able to assist you. Sincerely, Elizabeth A. Ruellen Owner, Kelbourne Apartments Elizabeth A. Ruellen
Recently I had to relocate my aunt from Nevada to California. This involved selling her property in Dayton, Nevada, where she had lived for over 40 years. I was fortunate to have been referred to Sharon Swanson of Nevada Premier Properties. Sharon realized that this was going to be emotionally stressful for my aunt and literally had everything hand carried to the house. Sharon made sure that my aunt felt involved with every aspect of the selling of her property. To ease the anxiety created by interested parties walking through the house, Sharon would arrange for one of my aunt's friends to take her out for a while. Sharon was in constant contact with me, the power of attorney, keeping me abreast of what was occurring every step of the way. Sharon would call me to create a game plan that both of us felt was best for my aunt. Even when the house sold Sharon remained actively involved and acted as the middleman still screening and responding to e- mails from the buyer. Since I live out of state, I had a difficult time when the house closed getting the house cleared out and cleaned up. I asked Sharon if she could get me telephone numbers for hauling and cleaning companies. Within 48 hours of my request, the house was ready for the final inspection and yes it passed with flying colors. I can't express what a difference it made having Sharon part of this experience, without her assistance and expertise this truly would have been a nightmare. Sincerely and eternally grateful, MaryJane Leonard
To: Andrew Clinger City Manager for Nevada Reno. Hello Andrew, This is In reference to Sharon Swanson's "Nevada Premier Properties" applying for the position of'' Property management" for the City Of Reno: I highly recommend Sharon's company, I have known for for several years and her reputation of being dependable, forthright and attentive to detail are true. I l1ired her company to handle a rental property of mine about 6 months ago and it was handled professionally and promptly. What a relief! As you know I do not have mucl1 time myself and I depend on professionals to handle my business matters outside the company. This is t11e one. She has a respectable team put together and they are on it. I hope you will seriously consider Nevada Premier Properties for this opportunity with a voracious work ethic like yours I know you'll find Sharon to be the right candidate. Best, Jeannette Bonaldi Bella Salon
I, Catherine S. Drew, have known Sharon Swanson for many years. Our relationship started as a working relationship, as time passed it moved to a professional relationship, and I now consider Sharon to be a close friend. Our working relationship started when I contacted her in hopes of finding a real estate agent who would be willing to endure the abnormal and almost impossible requests to fulfill the personal needs in a home. Sharon not only took on the challenge, but also did it with a smile. During the few months of working together, Sharon never left me with the ill feelings so many other real estate agents had. In the end, Sharon met and exceeded our requests, standards, and hopes. The professional relationship developed through many selfless acts performed and developed by Sharon. One example is the charity group Circles of Friendship (http://circleoffriendship.nct/) that Sharon developed and operates. My family and I were asked to help with Circle of Friendship, and did so with open hands, furthering our relationship with Sharon into a close dear friend, by seeing how many lives she touches through pure honesty, professionalism, and integrity. I would recommend Sharon Swanson for any job, or adventure in some eyes, knowing she will conquer the goals through a professional and honest way, all the while exceeding the goals and reaching heights not thought of, yet. Sincerely, Catherine S. Drew
As past Secretary of the Board of Directors for Via Bianca Mobile Home Estates Association and I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that Nevada Premier Properties, Kathy Stading and Sharon Swanson, impressed the board during their initial contact with us by being competitively priced compared to the six (6) other management companies we interviewed. They told us that the price we were given would be the pricing we would see monthly, and that there would be no extra fees as we had seen on other bids. Nevada Premier Properties is currently managing Via Bianca Mobile Home Estates Association, and there has been a marked improvement over all since they came on board, in collected past due assessments, and general appearance of the association. It has been proven by many members of our association that our previous management company never returned phone calls or e-mails. Nevada Premier Properties returns calls, if possible, the same day, and never more than the next day. Again a marked improvement. All-in-all we me very pleased with the personality of tile two persons named in this letter and all other staff at Nevada Premier Properties as well. We highly recommend their inclusion into your association. Sincerely, Patti Cour Past Secretary Via Bianca Board of Directors
I have known Sharon for over 5 years and have been extremely satisfied with her level of professionalism, integrity and work ethic. It's been an excellent experience in working with her as a Real estate agent. I would definitely recommend Sharon and Nevada Premier Properties for their real estate services. Thank you, BJ Willson CFP
I am happy to recommend Sharon Swanson to anyone looking for a realtor in Northern Nevada. She has worked diligently to help me buy and sell several properties over the past three years. Her integrity, common sense and thorough knowledge of real estate are valuable assets! Sharon has been easy to work with and goes out of her way to be available and communicative. Debra S. Williams Carson City, NV
My wife and I have been Board Members of the Park Terrace East Condominium Association for several years. Our Association had a number of problems that were making it run at a less than professional level. About a year and a half ago, Nevada Premier Properties became our property manager. The change has been extremely positive. Sharon Swanson and her staff have brought a level of professionalism to our Association that we have not seen in the past. They are a "customer service­ oriented" company. The quality of the reports we were receiving improved. The response to problems became much quicker and certainly more professional. Problems that could have become major issues were handled quickly and professionally. With the input of Nevada Premier Properties, we have been able to cut some of our costs and have drastically improved our bid process for various vendor services. Sharon is always looking for ways to reduce costs while still maintaining the highest quality of services. We believe that Nevada Premier Properties has made us feel that they really care about our Association. They don't say "we can't do that". They try to find the best way to handle things that are in the best interest of the Association. If they say they will find out and get back to us, we can count on them doing so. Someone is always available if we have a problem. Sharon and her staff have been a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend them to any association seeking prope1iy management services. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any further questions. We would be happy to provide any additional information. John & Frances Bolaris
Capitol Hill Apartments, a 36 unit complex on Carson City’s' West Side signed on with Nevada Premier four months ago with nine vacancies and counting; we are now down to two; We definitely recommend them. We have had property managers on numerous properties these last 50 years; We've had a lot of experience. We have appreciated their ability to communicate with us and our clients. They put in the time to get the job done right; pay attention to detail and writings, they are cognizant of the laws such that our legal risks are minimal. The staff works all together. They have an exceptionally nice office, centrally located. They have moved quickly to determine the maintenance needs and respond. Their reports are easy to use and understand. We recommend Nevada Premier Property Management. Gary Fant, owner.